27 Hair styling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

27 Hair styling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

1.  If you want to curl your hair with curling tongs, always place the tongs at the center and not at the tips of your hair for a lasting effect.

2.  Always remove the dirt on the bristles of your hair brushes.

3. A skillfully splayed pigtail would result in momentary phony bangs.

4. Learn the various uses of different brushes.

5. A flat iron should be used to curb your cowlick. This would give you a flawless side-swept forelock.

5.  The double-pigtail prank would result in a phony fuller pigtail.

7.  For silky straight hair, change your bobby pins to gummy bobby pins.

8.  Bobby pins could also serve as explicit hair adornments.

9.  Various rolling procedures would result in different types of curls.

10.  This prank would give you the flawless boho curls at any moment.

11.  Insert your bobby pins in a wavy side down position.

12.  A tiny claw clip would result in an ample pigtail. 

13.  Use large barreled curling tongs to produce a phony blowout by curling the hair from the tips inward.

14.  For completely gummy straight hair, long-lasting curls can be created using an aluminum foil and a flat iron.

15.  Adjust your hairdo by lambasting it with cool air when you have finished.

16.  This easy flat iron prank would give a low hairdo body and cause it to bounce.

17.  If you want your ponytail to appear wavy, all you need to do is to flat iron your ponytail.

18.  For a smooth and glossy appearance, apply hairspray on both hands and rub it on your hair.

19.  If you have short hair, curl the tuft of hair up and then use a flat iron to press the rolled hair.

20.  Pattern your natural or curly hair into “pineapples” to prevent your curls from scattering.

21.  Use a toothbrush with hairspray on it to curb soft, light unruly and difficult hair strands.

22.  You only need to wash your forelocks.

23.  For some extra body, crunch your hair with gel or beach spray and then use a diffuser.

24.  Use a curling brush device to make victory rolls and vintage pinup hairstyles simply.

25.  If your hair tangles or curls a lot, the most appropriate way to dry your hair is by pressing it with a towel. Avoiding rubbing your hair with a towel.

26.  Sleeping with a skullcap while your hair is still wet helps to keep your hair from tangling or curling.

27.  Use spin pins to fasten your buns.